Rayma Eveson

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

Born in country Victoria in 1963, Rayma was taught to appreciate and respect nature, and all it’s creatures great and small. Some of her earliest memories are of copying Beatrix Potter’s illustrations and drawing all over the fibro walls of her Dads shed. As a child if she wasn’t riding horses or climbing trees she was daydreaming and drawing. Her Mum bought her oil paints for her eighth birthday and at nine received 2nd prize for a painting of a bushfire in the open oil section of the regional show. Majoring in art at secondary school, in year 12 won 1st and 2nd prize in different categories, at Geelong and Districts Student Art Exhibition hosted by Deakin University. After finishing school was going to study art at RMIT but took a holiday job in Caloundra, fell in love with the Sunshine Coast and stayed. Rayma met her husband aged twenty and after being a devoted Mum of three for twenty five years, is back doing what she loves, “creating art”.

Although primarily self taught, studying with friend and pastel artist Carolyn Sheather for the past three years has given her much confidence, adding new dimension and her further understanding to the language of art. Her art is an important expression of who she is, compelled to do it, it’s what’s makes her happy and knowing it gives joy to others, completes the picture. Ability to capture emotion and deliver personality to her characters often reflects her feelings at the time, whether a bit saucy or sweet, moody, sad or whimsical. In Rayma’s words “An idea is born in me and I have to get it out”. She literally finds inspiration everywhere, in the lyrics of a song, colours of a leaf, daydreaming, observing people or just picking up a pencil and seeing where it takes her. Never using models, she has a freedom to her work. Drawing from her heart, nature, fun and love, is the inspiration of Rayma’s imagination