Steve Thompson

Artwork on display at Gallery Beneath

Selected Artwork Previously Sold at Gallery Beneath

Originally from Melbourne, Steve now calls the Sunshine Coast home. Steve has had a fairly diverse working life, but the move to the country spurred the emergence of his creative side. He started stone carving, making stained glass windows and lamps. He further broadened his artistic skills into performance poetry, stand-up comedy and street theatre at Woodford Folk Festival. In recent years he has worked closely with an engineer/inventor as his assistant and this has provided him with the practical skills to create the Steampunk sculptures he now creates.

 “The art I do is about problem solving,” Steve explains,

 “ The shelves of my studio are overflowing with components. Brass bits, wooden bits, glass bits, gemstones, meteorites, alabaster, oyster shells, clock parts etc. etc. The challenge starts when I find a bit that looks like something…maybe a helmet or a jetpack. Then the search commences and I go through everything again for the gazillionth time to find the rest of this thing I’m imagining. Then it’s cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing and somehow attaching”.

   Steve’s artworks are unique. They meld a fertile mind and fabulous sense of humour with practical capabilities and a drive to engage. They are intriguing for being contemporary and yet oddly historical and futuristic all at once, demanding the viewer to look again and again to fathom out each component. His clever designs with meteorites, has them suspended by the attraction from a magnet, so that stone appears to be floating in the air. Many sculptures seem to suggest that they should “do something”, but what they do is to feed our imaginations and lead us into our own ideas. This level of engagement makes them endlessly entertaining. In Steve’s words “I do what I do…to extract a smile or a laugh or a ‘wow’. When my art does that, as far as I’m concerned I’ve been successful”.